milling machine guards

BS EN 13128

The basics for milling machines

  1. fixed and interlocked moveable cutter guard or fixed and interlocked moveable table guard
  2. feed and lead screws covered where appropriate
  3. emergency stop
  4. gear drive cover (fixed or interlocked)

    The basics for CNC milling machines centres

    1. full enclosure with interlocked point of operation access
      (Additional access points for maintenance and infrequent access may be fixed so a tool is required to remove).
    2. provision for set-up mode with hold to run or two hand control with reduced speed movement
    3. exhaust extraction(if risk assessment demands it – depends on levels of cutting oil/coolant mist generated)
    4. strong, properly-maintained vision panels capable of withstanding foreseeable ejections
    5. emergency stop
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