TRT Milling/Drilling Machine Guard

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Repar2 interlocked safety guard for drill/mill machine and mill/punch machine. The guard fixes to the upper spindle collar. Construction in steel and polycarbonate. Fixed upper screen in metal and adjustable lower screen polycarbonate.

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The TRT drill/mill guard has been designed to fit straight onto a Bridgeport milling machine without any adaptors, while adaptors are available for a wide range of other drilling/milling machines.

The TRTCM guard is an ideal choice for single station Pollard drilling machines and for various milling machines that are predominantly used as a drill press.

Product features:

  • Benefits from cutting-edge, Anglo-Italian design.
  • Can be adapted to fit a variety of drilling/milling machines.
  • Manufactured in robust steel and polycarbonate.
  • Provides 360° of cover around the chuck and drill bit or cutting tool.
  • Height can be adjusted using the integral polycarbonate screen.
  • Has manual locking complete with a micro switch.
  • The interlock is an integral part of the hinge mechanism.
  • The guard opens fully so it does not interfere if a drift is required to remove the chuck or cutting tool.
  • The guard is fixed to the upper spindle collar so that it comes down with the spindle, always providing coverage of the chuck and drill bit or cutting tool.

DC injection braking is optional, as is our dual-channel safety control panel as well as an additional e-stop or kick-stop. Our ‘safety panels’ contain safety relays and dual-power switching contactors. This system provides redundancy and fault tolerance, and it complies with current Standards regarding safety-related parts of control systems.

Repar2 TRT Milling Drilling Machine Guard Drawing
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