TRE4 Interlocked Drill/Mill Guard


Repar2 interlocked drill guard with double screen and left hand fitting.

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This is a large and robust interlocked safety guard for drilling and milling machines, fitted with a double screen that swings open and is also adjustable in height.

The versatile design means that this guard can be fitted to large geared head drilling machines and to milling machines as a close-fit cutter guard. There are two models available with the width of the double polycarbonate screen being the only discernible difference between them.

The standard E31 guard has a 330mm wide x 150mm high polycarbonate shield which is height adjustable and swings open to the left. Model E4 screens are 400mm wide. The large, adjustable screens offer excellent coverage of the rotating spindle and cutting area with added protection from entanglement and ejection hazards.

The interlock is fitted into the mounting bracket and is a 2NC-1NO IP67 micro switch (code Mic 002). The safety interlock switch ensures that the safety screen must be in place before the machine can be operated. DC injection braking is optional, as is our dual-channel safety control panel as well as an additional e-stop or kick-stop. Our ‘safety panels’ contain safety relays and dual-power switching contactors. This system provides redundancy and fault tolerance, and it complies with current Standards regarding safety-related parts of control systems.

Repar2 TRE4 Drilling Machine Guard Drawing
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