FBB Milling Machine Guard


Repar2 interlocked milling machine guard with polycarbonate screen and LED lighting.

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A close-fit cutter guard for milling machines, this model has three safety micro switches. One of these is fitted into the articulated arm which is balanced and kept in position by a gas-spring-assisted lift. The guards are available with or without 20W led lighting and right or left fixing. Left-hand fixing is supplied as standard while led lighting is recommended and is referenced as 15LLS20.

Designed not to limit the cutting/work area of a milling machine, the guard provides close-fit coverage of the cutting area, leaving the table free and unhindered. FBB guards are stocked with diameters of 300mm to 600mm and all are 240mm wide. The easy-to-replace polycarbonate screen is held within a steel frame.

This model is ideal if the milling machine is near a walkway or situated in a confined area as the arm lifts away from the bed for loading/unloading and workpiece set-up. As with all other F-type, close-fit cutter guards in the range, the arm can be swung right off the table for set-up. Three integral micro switches ensure that the close-fit cutter guard must be in place before machine start-up.

Repar2 FBB Milling Machine Guard Drawing