TA Milling Machine Guard

Repar2 milling machine table guard. Available with or without table vice aperture.

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The Repar 2TA milling machine table guard has double door arangement. They are generally manufactured to suit your particular requirements but some models are available as standard. The steel framed doors with impact resistant polycarbonate windows are available with or without a table vice aperature. Doors are locked in place with an easy to use latch.

Standard and supplied interlocking is with a 2NC-1NO IP67 safety switch (code Mic 004). Solenoid interlocking is optional which ensures the doors are locked in position and cannot be opened until safe to do so. We can also supply our dual channel safety control panel, along with an additional e-stop or kick-stop. Our ‘safety panels’ contain safety relays and dual power switching contactors. This system provided redundancy, fault tolerance and complies with current Standards regarding safety related parts of control systems.

The 2TA is an ideal milling machine guard for schools or colleges and for industrial batch work that fits within the table guard envelope. They are mounted directly onto the table of the machine via existing table T-slots or onto an extension tray, manufactured and fitted around the existing table which extends the available workspace envelope. To supply direct we would prefer a photo of your machine along with your required dimensions: There are drawings in the technical pdf documentation than can be filled in and returned to us.

Repar2 TA Milling Machine Guard Drawing