FAO Drawbar Guard

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Repar2 interlocked milling machine drawbar guard. Easy installation thanks to its pre-driled flange. The cover can be lifted up to adjust the drawbar.

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Interlocked guard for the upper or rear milling machine drawbar. Designed to ensure that the adjusting spanner cannot be accidently left in place on machine start-up which could potentially result in injury, harm or damage.

The guard is supplied complete with an IP67-rated, MIC 004 micro switch and is easily installed thanks to its pre-drilled flange. The integral circular cap or cover is lifted up and pushed away to enable adjustment of the drawbar. If the adjusting spanner is not removed from the drawbar shaft nut, the cap cannot be seated into its home position which will prevent machine start up. Simple, safe and very effective.

As drawbars and their setting bolts are widely variable in height between different machines, the final cap lift height is determined and set by drilling and taping the square chrome shaft and fitting an M4 or M5 pin.

A high-quality, practicable and cost-effective milling machine guard to prevent accidental start-up with the draw bar adjusting spanner in place. One of our bestselling safety guards and always available from stock.

Repar2 FAO Milling Machine Guard Drawing
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