Wooden Floor Platform System

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The Repar2 12WP wooden platform system panels (sometimes referred to as ‘duckboards)’ offer comfort, stability and safety for machine tool operators.

They are available in two sizes:

WP9 – 1: 750mm x 750mm x 90mm high, weight 15kgs
WP9 – 2: 1500mm x 750mm x 90mm high, weight 28 kgs

Both are supplied in compliance to Directive EN ISO 14122-2 and they conform to the highest anti-slipping Norm R13.

Both types of platform panels are intended for use on horizontal and level floors in production facilities and machine shops. They can be used for joining, modernising and re-organising workstations in the vicinity of old and new machines as well as constructing integrated production systems.

The platform panels are wooden with an open and anti-slip surface, and they are intended for use in production facilities on concrete, ceramic and plastic floorings. The panels have open work surface which allows for easy drainage of spilled liquids under the panels, which limits the risk of slipping. Swarf, chips, dust and other waste can be easily removed from under the platform. The height of work platforms made from WP9 panels is 90mm.

Full specifications and photos are shown on the pdf data sheets.

Repar2 WOOD PAD Drawing
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