TR6 Interlocked Saw Guard

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Repar2 interlocked safety guard that is suitable for both band saws and drilling machines.

Lead time 1-2 days.

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The unique, semi-circular design of this guard provides considerable coverage of the cutting area. The guard is suitable for both band saws and drilling machines. It is easy to fit, easy to adjust and easy to use. The front-opening, 5mm-thick polycarbonate screen is 170mm wide x 200mm high and it is mounted to a height-adjustable, side-fixing system with 100mm of vertical adjustment. The guard is equipped with a tamper-proof micro switch and steel mount.

The screen ensures additional protection against the rotating blade or spindle and protects the operator from entanglement and ejection hazards. The 2NC-1NO IP67 micro switch (code Mic 002) is fitted directly into the mounting bracket. The interlock ensures that the safety screen must be in place before the machine can be operated.

Additional 3KSP mounting brackets can be purchased separately if required.

Repar2 TR6 Sawing Machine Guard Drawing