TF Chuck Guard


Repar2 TF chuck guard. Interlocked guard with polycarbonate screen with a steel frame. All support units are provided with an adjustable clutch.

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Repar2 TF chuck guard for lathes/turning machines. These interlocked guards are stocked with diameters of 200mm to 600mm diameter and all are 240mm wide. The easy-to-replace polycarbonate screen is held within a steel frame.

The guard is fixed to the lathe with a micro-switched attachment which has an adjustable clutch to ensure that it does not fall. There are four mounting options available, each with an integral micro switch which ensures that the guard must be in place before machine start up. The A3 mounting attachment will be supplied as standard unless otherwise specified. A1 *, A2 and A4 mounting attachments are also available on request. The interlock is fitted into the mounting bracket and is an IP67-rated micro switch (code MIC 001).

DC injection braking is optional, as is our dual-channel safety control panel as well as an additional e-stop or kick-stop. Our ‘safety panels’ contain safety relays and dual power-switching contactors. This system provides redundancy and fault tolerance, and it complies with current Standards regarding safety-related parts of control systems.

Repar2 Lathe TF Chuck Guard Drawing