TC Saddle Guard – Rear Fitting


Non-interlocked lathe saddle guard. Mobile and swivelling to be fitted on the longitudinal carriage of the lathe. Steel frame with polycarbonate screen. Protection for the operator against chips and coolant. To be fitted on the rear side of the saddle.

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The Repar2 TC 1,2 & 3 lathe saddle guards or ‘splash guards’ are mounted to the rear of the longitudinal saddle of a lathe by a height-adjustable bracket which is supplied with the guard. BS EN 23125:2015 references them as front chip/splash guards.

The saddle guard is designed to cover but not to limit the tool post area of a lathe. It provides coverage of the cutting area, protecting the operator against chips and coolant. All three models are available either with or without a built-in coolant system including an on/off tap and an interlocking system if specified. An optional 24V led light can also be supplied with a fast connector and 3 metres of cable.

The saddle guard has a steel frame and polycarbonate screens. The front section also hinges back when required, giving access to the tool post without moving the guard. There are two points of rotation which means that the guard can be set at different angles and moved closer to or further away from the tool post.

Repar2 TC3 Lathe Saddle Guard Drawing

Saddle Guard Dimensions

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