TC6XL Saddle Guard – Front Fitting

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Repar2 extra large front fitting saddle guard for lathes.

Lead time 1-2 days.

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Product Technical Information



In order to comply, lathes must conform to the standards set out in EN12840.

The basics for manually-operated lathes are as follows:

  1. interlocked chuck guard
  2. feed and lead screw protection
  3. saddle or splash guard if the risk of ejection demands it (risk assessment)
  4. rear fixed guard
  5. emergency stop
  6. spindle braking above 1.5hp
  7. gear drive cover (fixed or interlocked)

We are extremely proud of this new guard. It was a joint development between us and Repar2 following a growing number of requests from our customers to supply a saddle guard for the largest turning machines.

The TC6XL is fixed in front of the lathe tool post on the largest lathes such as Binns & Berry, Broadbent, Churchill and Skoda. The screen swivels on a locking telescopic arm which is mounted to a swivel mount, which is in turn fitted directly to the tool post or to the front of the saddle via a right-angle bracket.

Repar2 TC6XL Lathe Saddle Guard Drawing
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