TC Saddle Guard – Front Fitting


Repar2 non interlocked lathe splash guard. Mobile and swivelling to be fitted on the longitudinal carriage of the lathe. Steel frame with polycarbonate screen. Protection for the operator against chips and coolant. To be fitted to the front of the saddle.

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In order to comply, lathes must conform to the Standards set out in EN12840.

The basics for manually-operated lathes are as follows:

  1. interlocked chuck guard
  2. feed and lead screw protection
  3. saddle or splash guard if the risk of ejection demands it (risk assessment)
  4. rear fixed guard
  5. emergency stop
  6. spindle braking above 1.5hp
  7. gear drive cover (fixed or interlocked)

This range of saddle guards or ‘splash guards’ is fixed in front of the lathe tool post. This makes these guards ideal for larger turning machines, especially when there is a need to use an overhead crane for loading and unloading. All three standard versions of this guard can be supplied with or without interlocking.

There are three screen sizes available as standard. Each screen swivels on a locking telescopic arm which is mounted to a swivel mount, which is in turn fitted directly to the tool post or to the front of the saddle via a right-angle bracket.


Lathe Splash Guard Dimensions

lathe splash guard
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