SD Chuck Guard


Repar2 lathe chuck guard. Sliding guards with glass screens and LED lighting.

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SD lathe guards are mounted to the rear of the lathe via a height and reach adjustable steel frame. Alternatively, the steel frame can be free standing, mounted directly to the floor. There is also an optional rear steel splash guard which can be purchased separately, if required, to compliment your existing lathe.

The two safety guards are fitted via a linear rail and slide independently to provide coverage of the cutting zone, protecting both the chuck and longitudinal saddle areas. The guards have steel frames and 3+3mm laminated safety glass screens. The saddle guard is supplied with 24V led lighting, a fast connector and five metres of cable.

One model of SD guarding and one model of the SD rear splash guard are available as standard. A complete solution for your individual requirements can be fabricated to order. There are sketches in the pdf attachments that can be completed and returned to us, which will enable us to provide a quotation to supply.

Repar2 SD Lathe Chuck Guard Drawing