PT Chuck Guard


Repar2 PT lathe chuck guard with vertical lifting arm, adjustable in height and length, with gas assisted lift and safety interlock.

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The Repar2 PT guard is an interlocked chuck guard that is ideally suited to capstan lathes. These guards are stocked with diameters of 300mm to 600mm and all are 240mm wide.

The easy-to-replace polycarbonate screen is held within a steel frame. The guards are fixed to the headstock of the lathe and the screen lifts vertically. The lifting arm is adjustable in both height and length and is fitted with a gas spring both to aid lifting and to ensure that the screen does not fall. The integral micro switch ensures that the guard must be in place before machine start-up.

The unique design means that the operator does not have to lean into the lathe and leaves the chuck area clear for work-piece change via an overhead crane or lifting table. This is the ideal guard for lathes where frequent access to the chuck is required.

Repar2 PT Lathe Chuck Guard Drawing