PR Surface Grinder Guard


Repar2 surface grinder guard with sliding rail.

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The Repar2 4PR grinder guards are available with a single or double door arangement. Each door is 600mm wide x 665mm high. Steel-framed doors with impact resistant polycarbonate windows run on hardened, large-diameter wheels clamped either side of a linear guide rail, thus avoiding any jamming issues caused by grinding debris. Double doors are locked in place together with an easy-to-use latch.

The part number specified will determine if a single or double door is required and the length of the linear rail to be supplied. The rails are available in lengths of 1200mm to 5000mm.


  • PR1 – 1200 = 1 door + 1200mm long rail
  • PR1 – 2000 = 1 door + 2000mm long rail
  • PR1 – 3000 = 1 door + 3000mm long rail
  • PR2 – 2000 = 2 doors + 2000mm long rail
  • PR2 – 3000 = 2 doors + 3000mm long rail
  • PR2 – 5000 = 2 doors + 5000mm long rail


Standard and supplied interlocking is an electromagnetic switch (code Mic 005). Solenoid interlocking can be specified by ordering the 14MICBOX001 control box which is optional but necessary to operate the electromagnetic switch. Please see the attached pdf file (safe opening) for full details. This option ensures the guard locks in position and cannot be moved or opened until it is safe to do so. We can also supply our dual-channel safety control panel, along with an additional e-stop or kick-stop. Our ‘safety panels’ contain safety relays and dual-power switching contactors. This system provides redundancy and fault tolerance, and it complies with current Standards regarding safety-related parts of control systems.

4PR guards are mounted directly to the machine, in front of the grinding wheel. They offer protection to the operator from accidental wheel shatter, sparks and chips. Supplied with adjustable mounting hardware to aid the installation, the rail system can be positioned so that control levers, setting wheels and push buttons are still accessible. Table end guards, additional fixed guards or perimeter guarding can also be supplied on request.

Repar2 PR Surface Grinder Guard Drawing
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