MINOR FIX Chuck Guard

£2,790.00 £2,790.00

Safety guard for small lathes and special applications with interlock for hinge

Lead time 3-4 weeks.

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The MFIX guard is ideally suited to smaller lathes and specialist toolroom applications such as Cyclematic lathes and Hardinge lathes. The design offers full coverage of the chuck and primary work area including the rear of the chuck.

MFIX lathe guards are mounted directly to the rear of the lathe or workstation via a height-adjustable steel frame which is 1040mm high with an adjustable height of 500mm. There is also a horizontal adjustment of approximately 300mm.

The IP67-interlocked front section of the guard hinges up, assisted by two integral gas springs. The guard has a steel frame with 2+2mm-laminated safety glass screens. A 5W 24V AC/DC led light is fitted as standard.

The 1MFIX is the ideal replacement for worn out or damaged toolroom OEM lathe guards.