TR2T Drilling Machine Guard


Interlocked safety guard for drilling machines. The guard fixes to the upper spindle collar. Construction in steel and polycarbonate. Fixed upper screen in metal and adjustable lower screen polycarbonate.

Lead time 1-2 days.

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This is a 360° interlocked safety guard that wraps around the spindle and chuck. This model covers the entire drilling area – front, sides and rear – which may be required to comply with safety Standards within your organisation.

The 5mm-thick polycarbonate front screen swings to the open position via the interlocked hinge. An integral 14 MIC 008 safety switch and five metres of VF CA8PD5M cable are supplied. The guard and height-adjustable side fixing are fitted to an adjustable steel mounting bracket.

The screen’s 360° envelope offers unparalleled coverage of the rotating spindle as well as added protection from entanglement and ejection hazards. It will also help to prevent possible ejection from a chuck key if accidentally left in the drill chuck. 

The safety interlock switch ensures that the safety screen must be in place before the machine can be operated. DC injection braking is optional, as is our dual-channel safety control panel as well as an additional e-stop or kick-stop. Our ‘safety panels’ contain safety relays and dual power-switching contactors. This system provides redundancy and fault tolerance, and it complies with current Standards regarding safety-related parts of control systems.

Repar2 TR2T Drilling Machine Guarding Drawing