MO3LCMA3 Grinder Guard

£460.00 £460.00

Repar2 off-hand grinder guard. A strong and robust interlocked single screen guard that protects the grinding machine operator from liquids, hot chips and rotating machine parts.

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This is a very robust single-screen guard that is interlocked to aid protection for the grinding machine operator from liquids, hot chips and rotating machine parts. It is fitted with a 280mm x 255mm, 3+3mm-laminated glass screen as standard. This model has an IP 67 2NC + 1NO micro switch (code MIC 001) located in the A3 mount to ensure that the screen must be in place before machine start up. The guard is supplied with installation instructions and a CE declaration of conformity.

This grinder safety guard has been designed and built to last in the toughest industrial environments, resisting heavy abrasion, and it is capable of all-day usage. The 350mm x 300mm premium guard is manufactured in aluminium. An adjustable friction clutch to ensure the guard stays in place, double friction joints and an independent on/off switch for the 10/30 AC/DC – 20W led lighting are all fitted as standard.

The MO3LCMA3 is the ideal guard for large OHGs, linishers and tool grinders. The additional purchase of a 3HP or 10HP BT box from our electrical section may also be beneficial to the overall safety upgrade of your machine.

Repar2 MO3LCMA3 Drawing