MO2 Grinder Guard


Repar2 off-hand grinder guard. A strong and robust single screen guard that protects the grinding machine operator from liquids, hot chips and rotating machine parts.

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This is a strong and robust single-screen guard that protects the grinding machine operator from liquids, hot chips and rotating machine parts. It is fitted with a 150mm x 180mm polycarbonate screen as standard. An optional laminated glass screen can be specified if required (code V). There is also the option for 24V AC/DC 2,2W-20W led lighting with an independent on/off switch (code L). The guard is supplied with installation instructions and a CE declaration of conformity.

This grinder safety guard has been designed and built to last in the toughest industrial environments, resisting heavy abrasion, and it is capable of all-day usage. The guard is manufactured in aluminium with an adjustable friction clutch to ensure that it stays in place once set. The standard polycarbonate guard is 200mm x 210mm, while the laminated glass and led-light-equipped versions are 200mm x 240mm.

As with all OHGs, the additional purchase of a 3HP or 10HP BT box from our electrical section is also beneficial to the overall safety upgrade of your machine.

Drawing below of the 7MO/2SM (Polycarbonate screen version).

Repar2 MO2 Drawing
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