MIC007 Rope Pull E-Stop

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Repar2 4 metre tearing rope safety e-stop.

Lead time 3-4 weeks.

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The Repar2 14MIC007 rope pull e-stop is a re-setting emergency stop supplied with 4000mm of pull rope. This safety device is ideal for use on large lathes when the headstock-mounted e-stop could potentially be out of reach or there is no saddle-mounted e-stop. The machine can be brought to a stop from any point along the bed of the lathe with a pull of the red rope. The safety switch will keep the contacts open after rope pull activation (even if the rope is released), until the reset button is set at the switch.

These safety devices are designed to be used in the toughest environmental conditions and they pass the IP67 immersion test acc. to EN 60529. Full details and certification can be found on the pdf data sheet.

rope pull e-stop

Lathe rope pull e-stop

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