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The PM coronavirus screen/guards are based on our highly successful 1OM rear/chip splash guards. We have utilised and re-engineered this existing design because we know that it works.

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The basics for PM screens: We were asked to produce a modular screen system that would offer protection when sitting or standing. It also had to be manoeuvrable and easy to re-position, stand up to being knocked without falling over and last for years. When no longer required as a covid-19 screen, it would have to be usable elsewhere as a protection screen, splash screen or barrier guard. It would need to be designed so that it could be re-purposed and re-used almost anywhere.

The PM range of screen/guards is a framed, transparent safety screen that divides people and helps to shield them from the risks of catching coronavirus via respiratory droplets in the air. The screens can be positioned adjacent to a walkway, workstation or desk. They can be joined to form a rigid, stable right angle and a continuous straight run of screening.

There are two models with 4mm-thick x 1300mm-high polycarbonate screens, 890mm and 1190mm wide, both with an overall screen/guard height of 1900mm. The screens are easy to clean and disinfect with an appropriate alcohol or anti-static cleaner. We recommend cleaning the guards using a premium micro-fibre cloth with soapy water.

The joining foot to form a rigid right angle or link the screens in a row can be purchased separately if required. It is supplied as standard with the PMA option.

The PM range of screen/guards is among the very best available from any manufacturer. The range is made by Repar2, a world leader in safety products, and each screen is supplied with Repar2 C of C documentation, confirming your commitment to providing the best protection.

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