perimeter guarding

Protective fences and modular security systems

protec techno perimeter guarding


The Techno protective fence system, Ø3 mm wire, Ø4 mm wire and INOX Ø3mm wire was created to help all customers determine the hazardous areas to provide a solution with steel material that is cost effective and easy to install. This product is made with self-supporting grid panels, with a mesh size that improves visibility to the machine that stands behind the fence.

protec techno perimeter guarding


The Novatek system is a specific solution made of steel at a low cost, aesthetically beautiful and easy to install with optimum stability; Ideal for all operations in dangerous areas that need to be isolated. The visibility of the closed off zone is the strong point of this product; the cooperation between the grid mesh
and black colour significantly improves the visibility of the hazardous area.

protec ecotek perimeter guarding


The Ecotek system was created with the special purpose to deliver a framed panel at low cost. The structure of this panel comes with a profile 10×25, that made it light and at the same time stable. Visibility is a strength point of this product; the duo grid
and black colour, improves quite much the visibility of the danger zone.

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